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General Statements

The field of venous disease is not well understood by the public or even the medical profession in general. In the real world vein problems are too often managed poorly. Developments in this field have been dramatic during the past decade and need to be broadcast for all to hear, while ongoing new research will lead to better understanding of venous disease and better treatment will evolve. This clinic emphasizes active participation in education and research about vein problems.

The principles of patient care followed in this clinic are:

  • Accurate diagnosis in every case by expert ultrasound imaging
  • Injection treatment of spider veins-cosmetic and symptomatic
  • Minimally invasive office treatment of varicose veins (Closure)
  • Diagnosis and management of leg ulcers
  • Diagnosis and management of new blood clots in leg veins

Care is provided by experienced specialists in venous disorders.

  • Accent on patient comfort
  • Accent on minimal downtime and early return to activity
  • Accent on accurate diagnosis-non-invasive, pain-free, affordable
  • Accent on minimally invasive effective treatment methods
  • An attitude of research into new methods prevails
  • Education of the patient, the public, and the profession is embraced

Our Team

The KVC team is organized in a small specialty practice setting. The physician complement consists of Robert L. Kistner M.D. and Fedor Lurie MD., PhD. who each bring years of experience in venous diagnosis and treatment, and in research and education related to venous diseases. The nursing staff devotes their full work time to venous disease. The business staff is experienced in insurance and other considerations for your venous problems.

Mission Statement of KVC

" To improve the diagnosis and care of acute and chronic venous disease in Hawaii through excellence in clinical management, education, and research of venous problems."

We honor most of the common insurance plans.