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Our doctors are well versed in the most advanced technology and minimally invasive venous techniques and brings years of experience in phlebology and dedication to helping people in improving their quality of life. Our business staff is experienced in the details of insurance and other administrative considerations for your venous problems.

Mission Statement

To improve the diagnosis and care of acute and chronic venous disease in Hawaii through excellence in clinical management, education, and research of venous problems.

About Venous Disorders

The field of venous disease is not well understood by the public or even the medical profession in general. In the real world, vein problems are too often managed with less than expert attention. Developments in this field have been dramatic since the 1990’s and the modern management of venous problems has become one of the most dynamic fields of medical care. Ongoing research will continue to lead to better understanding of venous disease as better treatment evolves. This clinic emphasizes appropriate introduction of newly developing methods and active participation in education and research about vein problems.

The principles of patient care followed in this clinic are:

  1. Accuracy in the diagnosis of every case and this requires expert ultrasound imaging
  2. Injection treatment of spider veins-cosmetic and symptomatic
  3. Minimally invasive office treatment of varicose veins using thermal, chemical and surgical techniques.
  4. Diagnosis and management of the swollen leg
  5. Diagnosis and management of venous leg ulcers
  6. Diagnosis and management of new blood clots and late damage from old clots in leg veins

Care is provided by experienced specialists in venous disorders.

  1. Accent on patient comfort
  2. Accent on minimal downtime and early return to activity
  3. Accent on accurate diagnosis-non-invasive, pain-free, affordable
  4. Accent on appropriate treatment using minimally invasive treatment methods
  5. An attitude of practical research into new methods
  6. Education of the patient, the public, and the profession is practiced.

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At Kistner Vein Clinic, we look forward to helping all patients achieve a more comfortable and pain free life. If you or a loved one is suffering from a vascular disorder, please reach out to us today.

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Respected by our peers, but more importantly by our patients. We treat our patients with care, and always practice evidence based medicine. When you come in for a consultation, we will customize a plan that suits your venous insufficiency situation. You can feel confident that you will feel better while improving the look and feel of your legs.

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